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D-CEET project launched

We are excited to announce the start of D-CEET, a new project with Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT), funded by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) in the scope of the mFund innovation initiative.

Today, training for airline crew members takes place almost exclusively in elaborately reproduced cabin dummies and simulators, so-called CEETs (Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers). The aim of the D-CEET project is to fully replicate an Airbus A320 CEET as a “digital twin”. The resulting data model is intended to enable fully immersive training of all relevant training content in virtual reality (VR) and additionally as a tablet-based application.

In our sub-project, we will validate the effectiveness of the new training concept using eye tracking and other physiological sensors in systematic studies with crew members. We aim at validating the achievement of competence objectives by measuring and observing behavior as well as by measuring situational awareness and cognitive workload.

Read more about the D-CEET project in a recent press release by LAT, on our website, or on the BMDV website (German only).

Image: Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH

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Shupeng Wang joins the team

We cordially welcome Shupeng Wang, who has started as a doctoral student in the geoGAZElab. Shupeng holds a Master’s degree in Geomatics from ETH Zürich and a Bachelor’s degree in Geography with an emphasis on Geographic Information Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA. He will be part of the D-CEET project, focusing on the evaluation of new training concepts for airline crew members in a Digital Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer.