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Communicating Predicted Disruptions (FRS 2)

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Optimizing strategies for communicating predicted disruptions to stakeholders

This project is part of the “Future Resilient Systems II” (FRS 2) research program, which addresses the challenges with critical infrastructure systems that provide essential services to modern societies, which is of particular importance to innovation-driven economies like Singapore and Switzerland. The FRS 2 research program is undertaken by the Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC) – a collaboration between ETH Zurich and the National Research Foundation (NRF) Singapore.

Within FRS 2, our project is part of the Cluster on “Distributed Cognition for Social Resilience” and the module on “Spatiotemporal Analysis for Weak Signals Detection“. In this module, researchers will develop methods to detect weak signals by integrating spatiotemporal analyses with machine learning, pattern analysis, and geographic information technology, to be applied to big geospatial data obtained from static and mobile sensors.

The project associated with the geoGAZElab targets at the communication following after the detection. Predicted disruptions and associated avoidance measures must be communicated to stakeholders and affected people in such a manner that their subsequent decision making is both effective and efficient. We will investigate different map-based representations and multimodal interaction dialogs (that also include gaze-based interaction) and evaluate them in terms of their effectiveness and efficiency.

In the scope of this project, we have set up the Control Room Decision-Making Lab at SEC. The lab is equipped with sensors for measuring decision makers’ psycho-physiological state, including remote and head-mounted eye trackers, galvanic skin response sensors, and accelerometers.


  • Prof. Dr. Martin Raubal (Cluster PI, Module PI)
  • Dr. Peter Kiefer (Module Co-PI)
  • Suvodip Chakraborty (Doctoral student), located at the CREATE campus in Singapore, starting 01.01.2021


  • National Research Foundation Singapore


  • Start Date: 01.04.2020
  • End Date: 30.09.2023